As a result of my dissatisfaction with the services performed by local plating shops, I went to work with my uncle who owned a plating shop in Paterson, N.J. He taught me the business from the ground up, the hard way; stripping, grinding, compounding, polishing and buffing, cyanide copper, acid copper, electro-less nickel on aluminum and anodizing of aluminum. I learned all phases of the electroplating and polishing industry on all types of metals.

In the early 1970’s most all components were custom and required design, fit and fabrication by hand, aftermarket suppliers such as Drag Specialties and Custom Chrome were not around. After fabrication you had to go to a chrome shop who would inevitably polish the wrong side, keep parts for months on end, lose irreplaceable components and/or damage them. Totally fed up with this situation V-Twins started polishing and plating and has not stopped since. All business has been built on service, a solid reputation and spread by word of mouth. All polishing has always been done “in-house”, and the actual plating process by me personally, eliminating unnecessary handling and possible loss or damage to parts.

  • Chrome / Nickel / Copper / Brass Plating: All metal types (including aluminum and die cast)
  • Polishing: Aluminum, Stainless, Brass
  • Anodizing: All Colors
  • Cadmium
  • Antique Part Restoration
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